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 idk wat to do lolz

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PostSubject: idk wat to do lolz   Thu Dec 11, 2008 9:10 am

well to get more activity on this site i would like to ask all of yall to rep this site on ug so we can have more movement going on....

no one has been on the site and that include me n demon for all i no and we are not doin anything to help so here is wat i am doin, i am goin to ball Basketball up my myspace page reppin diss site up for code and other layouts they might want.........n i am goin to rep it a bit on ggpo we might get sumthing out of that who knows??? i no i dont so other ppl go ahead n rep da site anywhere u want just not on other fourm sites....

thanks for ur couapperation or how ever u spell dat shit
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idk wat to do lolz
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