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 akuma TuT/tips

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PostSubject: akuma TuT/tips   Fri Dec 19, 2008 2:16 am

this is mostly what i do depending on the person

az u no u cant use flying kick if ur unvind playing unvind.etc so heres some thing u can use other then the kick move
use demon/Ashura Warp then use uppercut(LP)then spinkick(LK-MK)if u hit him go 4 the HK spinkick
jump use hadoken then use demon/Ashura Warp and do the the same combo
remember to switch it up so they dont no what ur ganna do next
heres somthing i 4got to say...use ur air hadokens like u have ken...if u dont no what i mean...use 1 to 3 air hadokens never more then 3 or u become vonarable
and dont just use this in unvind mode u can use it in other modes az well ^^

(~flying kick setups~):
1 jump forward and hit the flying kick move (!no ur range!)make sure u can hit ur opponent
2 super jump and use the move to
1 get some space between u and ur opponent
2 hit them from long range
remember to use akuma flying kick use that to get close to ur opponent from ther u can do 1 of 3 things
1 flying kick to hadoken to uppercut and or spin kick
2 flying kick to uppercuts(i use LP ones y.faster+do the same damge at HP ones) to a spin kick and or hadoken
3 flying kick to a spin kick to a uppercut and or hadoken
if u need to get back use the back demon/Ashura Warp and start the combo over if ther in the corner show no mercy
use air hadokens but if u get to close to the floor use the flying kick and do close range moves
this combo can be switched up to ur liking aslo this is a new move i added to the combo.....when u hit the floor use the uppercus and then jump in the air and use HK then hadokens spinkicks flying kicks etc etc its very effective
close range: use LP to start off the combo then work ur way up to HK or HP and end with a spin kick to a uppercut
thats my basic system 4 akumas combos


1 (~tenma-gou-zankuu~)
this move is very usefull if used right
1 use to counter ryus hadoken/Shinku Hadoken/spin kick(if at a good range if not dont try it =loss of super)
2 use to counter almost all kens super (if at the right range)
3 sakuras Shinku Shouryu(dragon uppercut 3 uppercut.etc)
4 cycs Directional Optic Blast(if on ground) Giga Optic Blast (if high enough if not dont try it =loss of super)
5 all of wolves supers/ironman/chun li/juggy/sent/bison
1 demon/Ashura Warp passed ur opponent jump and use the move
2 flying kick jump back and use move (close range)
3 jump and use move lol...(!NEW!)use a slow air hadoken to a palm grenade

(~Shinku Shouryu-Ken(dragon uppercut 3 uppercut.etc)~)
1 u can use this to stop or counter ryu spin kick/super spin kick
2 kens Shippu-Jinrai Kyaku(teleport move)/flame dash
3 wolves Berserker Barrage X if done right (close range)
1 flying kick then use move
2 palm grenade then use move
3 close range combo then use move
4 demon/Ashura Warp and use move
(VIP)5 from lightning kick
6 use move lol

1 most of kens supers/wolves/
1 from tenma-gou-zankuu to (SLOW AIR)hadoken then use the palm-grenade
2 demon/Ashura Warp passed ur opponent and use move
(VIP)3 lightning kick
4 use move

none(meaning if u go super to super ur not ganna win)
1 lightning kick(VIP) to (-(L2)RD-) or to dragon uppercut to (L1)RD
2 dragon uppercut to demon warp (pass ur opponent) to (L2)RD
3 tenma-gou-zakuu to (L2)RD or to palm-grenade to (L1)RD
4 jump use a SLOW AIR HADOKEN(at a good range) and use RD(L3)
5 flying kick to (L3)RD
6 demon warp to(L3)RD

(~lightning kick~)(VIP)counters:
1 almost all supers in the game lol(if done at the right height)
1 use tenma-gou-zankuu to lightning kick to dragon uppercut or (L1)RD
2 use dragon uppercut to lighning kick to dragon uppercut
3 use lighning kick jump back and use tenma-gou-zankuu to a palm-grenade or if u feel lucky(L1)RD
4 use a slow air hadoken to lighting kick to upprcut(super on not)to a (backwerds)jump then use HK over there head to a slow air hadoken to a plam greande or uppercut super...or if u feel lucky LV1 or LV 2RD

well thats all 4 now if u got more tell me and ill add it

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akuma TuT/tips
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